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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 31, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we have members. americxpress. welcome in. mitt romney accepts his party's nomination in a speech that made a lot of cases. one for his business background and sounded an appeal to women voters and critique of what he called the disappointments of the obama administration and let people know him, the humble family man. the marquee event was often strong, but romney's biggest problem this morning may not be the speech that some americans are talking about. why? that would be this guy's. clint eastwood, ad libbed a routine called the invisible man that had the live crowd cheering, but many at home scratching their heads. we have got all of last night covered the good, the bad and
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the ugly and plus, the damage that a category 1 can do. the evacuations in the wake of hurricane isaac, and the storm left widespread damage and dumped more water in the area than katrina and pushing up gas prices this holiday weekend. we are live in louisiana. good morning from tampa, florida, and the last day of the republican national convention, and it is friday august 31st, 2012, and this is the "daily rundown" "aand i'm chuck todd. let's get to the first reads of the day. by all accounts, this convention would be judged by one speech. he needed to better introduce himself to the american public, and close the empathy gap and get closer to american voters to get more comfortable with him as president and more meat on the policy bone, and none of the goals was more important than giving america a chance to get to know him. and romney did that last night showing a personal side he just has not shown on the campaign trail. he teared up talking about his
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parents' 64-year marriage. >> every day, dad gave mom a rose which he put on her bedside table and that is how she found out what happened on the day my father died, she went looking for him, because that morning, there was no rose. my mom and dad were true partners. a life lesson that shaped me by everyday example. >> that was the mitt romney, his close friends say they know, and republican officials tell me that the gender gap troubles them more than any other demographic issue. and listening to romney talk about his mom's run for senate, you could tell in this speech that he knows it, too. >> i can still see her saying in her beautiful voice, "why should women have any less say than men about the great decisions facing our nation?" don't you wish she could have been here at the
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convention and heard leaders like governor fallon and governor nikki haley, and governor suzanne martinez and secretary of state condoleezza rice. >> that is something that they feel they have an advantage over democrats in that they may be winning with the gender gap and hispanic vote, but who has more women governors and more hispanic senators. romney also has to close that empathy gap to prove to the skeptical voters that he can relate to average americans and i believe he did that effectively last night with this line. >> president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the ocean oceans -- [ laughter ] -- and to heal the planet. my promise is to help you and your family. >> but while romney was able to
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present a more likable version of himself in the campaign, he made a stronger case of why the president should be fired than why voters should hire him. he tried to channel the disappointment of the president, and his version of are you better off now than you were four years ago? >> how many days have you woken up feeling that something really special was happening in amer a america? if you felt that excitement when you voteded for barack obama, shouldn't you feel that way now that he is president obama? >> but romney didn't explain how he'd be able to move the country past the division and polarization and gridlock. two words defined the speech, optimistic nostalgia. and he used restore, return, once again, promising to return america to better days. >> now is a time to restore the promise of america. >> restore every father and mother's confidence. >> the america that was won for
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us by the greatest generation. >> i was born in the middle of the country in the middle of the century a classic baby boomer. >> assume that all things are possible, but for too many americans, those days are harder to come by. >> under my presidency, we will return to it once again. >> once again lead the world with innovation and productivity. >> if i'm elected president of these united states, i will work with all of my energy and soul to restore that america. >> and many times in the challenging a sitting president, that is an argument that you have to make, the nostalgic focus on the past reminded me of another speech that was well received at the time, but handed democrats an opportunity a few weeks later at the convention and it was bob dole's 1996 acceptance speech. >> for those who say it was never so, that america's not been better, i say you are wrong, and i know because i was there. i have seen it, and i remember. >> mr. dole's speech, clinton
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was able to turn it around on dole at his convention and he made dole the candidate of the past. and to run as the candidate of the future. does that message of romney go into the obama campaign? r romney has framed his campaign are you better off four years ago or now? and the president is running on a slogan simply called forward which frames the fundamental question for voters this way, in responding to romney's speech, the obama campaign manager jim massena said, the speech tonight was personal attacks and gauzey platitudes, but no tangible ideas to move the country forward. what he didn't do was to share the forward proposals to move our country backwards. >> this is the best speech that romney has given and as one long-time romney admirer said it was an a for romney and doesn't
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mean it was a-qualify for somebody, but it is not the easiest thing for romney to do and if he came out of here s simply closing the likability gap, the romney folks believe that the convention week was a success. finally, when all is said and done, republicans may have disagreed on how good the speech was, but if there was a universal feeling in the hall, it was that the quote surprise guest, clint eastwood's nearly 12-minute monologue to be nice, a head-scratching moment. >> i have mr. obama sitting here. mr. president, how do you handle or how do you handle promises that you made when you were running for election, and how do you handle, how do you handle it? i mean, what do you say to people? do you just -- you know, i know people, people are wondering, you don't -- well, i won't shut
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up, because it is my turn. what? what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him to do that. he can't do that to himself. you're crazy. just as the network audiences were tuning in, americans saw not the touching romney biographical video which played in the 9:00 hour, but eastwood talking to an empty chair. the second time in three convention nights a scheduling decision was called into question leaving those reporting on the event a tad non-plussed. >> as a fan, a movie fan, this was exceedingly strange. >> it was a moment. >> i get paid to review po politicians and there's no way i will touch clint eastwood's performance tonight. >> i left the stage and went to get a cookie, because i thought that my blood sugar had dropped so low that i had passed out that my brain generated this thing that could be real in the
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last hour of a republican convention nominating somebody. >> before the speech was over, the twitter handle invisible obama had been claimed. the obama campaign tweet eded a picture of the president's chair saying this seat is taken and the romney campaign put out a statement as mitt romney was speaking by the way, saying that judging an american icon like clint eastwood through a typical political lens does not work and the ad libbing was a break from all of the political speeches and the crowd enjoyed it. well, ann romney who did not look happy on the audience was asked on cbs this morning whether she would have preferred the campaign to run that romney video. >> i do wish more people had seen, had seen those touching moments. >> you seem to be surprised by the romney, i mean, by the clint eastwood's performance as a camera took a cut away of you.
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>> i didn't know it was coming. >> one of the reminders by the way that transcripts don't do an answer service. you have to see the reaction there from mrs. romney. isaac is now a tropical depression heading inland, and homes are inundated with 14 feet of water and more than half a million people are without power and nbc's gabe gutierrez is with us live in slidell, louisiana, and gabe, this issue of floodwaters and more water brought in than katrina brought in, and what can you tell me this morning about the issue of water and the power? >> well, chuck, good morning. i want to bring you up to date on the situation first here in slidell. as you can see the sun is out and the rain has stopped so it is much better news for the residents here and also the floodwaters are receding rapidly and this is a day after police officers rescued about 150
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people here from their homes. now, however, at last check, about 40% of the state is still without power. and overnight, we will also confirm that sheriff's deputies in nearby plaquemines parish found two people dead inside of a home underwater, and we were told that the two people were unidentified man and woman believed to be in their 40ed s believed to be in kitchen of that home. and the coroner says he fears that more bodies could be found. now, turning to a developing story across the state line in mississippi, there were concerns that the piercey quinn dam could break and flood communities downstream from louisiana, but mississippi officials said that there was no imminent threat and even if the dam were to be breached, it would only affect about one dozen homes, but either way, officials are
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planning a controlled release today to relieve some of that pressu pressure. so, chuck, while the remnants of isaac continue to batter parts of the country just north of us, residents along the gulf coast are glad that the slow-moving storm is finally gone. chuck? >> all right. gabe gutierrez in slidell, louisiana. and speaking of that disaster zone, mitt romney, we just learned is going to be heading after the florida rally, and he is going to go to new orleans and tour the damage area with louisiana governor bobby jindal later today. >> all right. the republicans have had their turn and next week it is the democrats' turn to party and the road to charlotte has been bumpy. up next, we will get a preview of the man in charge of the show. and still to come, a big change on the romney campaign. the newly nominated republican ticket is hitting the road today in high style. with e will show you and explain. but first a look ahead at the president's schedule and mitt
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romney's and as we told you that mitt romney's schedule has actu actually changed a little bit from what was originally planned of a florida rally with ryan and virginia rally with ryan and instead, romney is splitting off to go to new orleans. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air.
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president obama and vice president biden will hit, ready for this? eight states between now and tuesday leading into next week's start of the democratic national convention in charlotte. among those scheduled to speak are ex-presidents bill clinton and jimmy carter who will address the convention via video
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and democrats want to showcase their diversity and part of that effort is the san antonio mayor who will be the first keynote latino speaker. and women will figure prominently in the convention plans adds well. 19 women are slated to speak from senators and administration officials to high profile women like elizabeth warren and lilly led better and caka caroline ke, and also mr. mayor joins us from washington, d.c., and i'm in tampa, andneath nooand neithern charlotte, but i will be there soon. >> i will be there tomorrow, and i will see you there. >> yes, i hope so. antonio villaragus.
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>> in a week, what will we be talking about to make the convention a success? >> well weshg will try to frame out the choices before us and what we need to do to keep the country moving forward and how we can continue the 29 straight omonths of growing the economy and how the invest in the middle class, and how we need to keep marching along the road that we are on right now. i think what you will see is the most open and accessible convention. you won't see all of the madison avenue ad executives as you saw at the last convention, and the kind of made governor romney warmer and fuzzier, but what you will see is a lot more beef. what you will hear from us is how we intend to make sure that we have resolved this economic situation that we are facing, not by taxing the middle-class,
9:19 am
but by investing in them. >> it looks like this morning you have added yet more folks to the speaking lineup and more diversity if you will to the speaking lineup. is that a response to the republican convention? they obviously show cased a lot of their elected official diver diversity when it comes to women governor and hispanic governors, et cetera? >> no. first of all, it is not just the speakers. it's the delegates, and this is the most diverse convention in our history. and the most diverse convention for either party. you'll see america, the faces of america among the delegates. you will see them at the football stadium. you'll see them at the family festival that we will have on labor day. it is going to be a broad and diverse convention. the speakers will reflect that. and they will reflect our party and the fact is that you have talked about and so have others
9:20 am
that the other party is losing the demographic, and not just women and latinos, but young people and others as well. so you will see a very diverse party and not just the folks on the speaking stage, but in the stands as well. >> let me ask you though this one question that republicans have elected more women governor s and two hispanic governors and the democrats don't have as many women governors and don't have hispanic governors and why is that? >> well, we have a lot more legislators and mayors and congress members that are women that are latino that are asian and african-american, and we have a much broader tent, a much broader representation of every walk of life. people from, you know, every ethnicity and race, and sex. it is true that they may have
9:21 am
more governors, but we have a much broader field when you look at all of the elected officials. >> i want to ask you about clint eastwood, because you are the mayor of los angeles which means that you are also the mayor of hollywood as well, and the neighborhood. what did you make of clint eastwood last night? >> well, he's a good friend. i like him as a person. i think that mrs. romney said it all when she was non-plussed about his performance. >> okay. i guess we will leave it at that. mayor antonio villaraigosa who is the chairman of the democratic national convention in charlotte and we will see you there as early as tomorrow. thank you, mr. mayor. >> thank you. all right. wall street waits to hear if ben bernanke plans to bring another round of easing. the market rundown is next, and the democratic score, a big win in texas, one of the toughest
9:22 am
new voter i.d. laws in the country is getting wiped off of the books. and the trivia question, since 1948, how many winning republican presidential candidates lost the state in which their party's convention was held? e-mail me at chuck todd@dailyrundown, and we will have the answer coming up.
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the markets are all waiting to hear what ben bernanke will say at a much anticipated speech in jackson hole today moments away from the opening bell. let's get the market rundown and with that my friend becky quick is here. i have not seen you all week virtually that is. so a, good morning and b, what
9:26 am
are we going to hear from mr. bernanke? >> well, that is the $64 million question right now, chuck. we have the opening bell in 4 1/2 minutes and we will open up by triple digits, but the real countdown is 45 minutes from now, because that is when the embargo lifts from ben bernanke's speech. and you know last week we had the minutes released from the last fmo meeting and we could see some quantitative easing coming from the fed and that could happen sooner rather than later. the minutes were outdated and some people suggested that the economic numbers are better than expected so that the fed will not do anything until it sees numbers and it is going to see the jobs report next week, but remember, jackson hole is where bernanke first laid out the plans two years ago for qe2 and that is why people have high expectations head g toing into
9:27 am
and this is a place where bernanke can go ahead to speak to his peers and the people there and lay out a thoughtful process if he wants more quantitative easing in, and the market is going to be listening closely and things can turn quickly, but the smart money is that he is not going to give away too much and we will have to keep waiting until next week when we get the jobs report from the government. >> i'm shocked that a fed chair in public remarks won't give away too much. shocked. >> shocked. >> and becky quinn at the msnbc world headquarters, thank you very much. up next a texas-sized win for the democrats and the pentagon's threat to the navy s.e.a.l. who is spilling secrets about the bin laden raid. and convention confidential. i caught up with a republican who has been intentionally keeping a low profile here in tampa. my conversation with massachusetts senator scott brown. and check out the daily rundown daily book page for a look at the week of shows in tampa, and like us, poke us and watch us.
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back to the news.
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on our radar this morning, will the pentagon go after an ex-navy s.e.a.l. and scott brown tell tells me about his race with elizabeth warren and iran's nuclear power, and we will shed a light on that. and a voter i.d. law has been struck down by a federal court by saying that texas has not proved that the new law would not hurt minority voters. the attorney general of texas says they will appeal it to the supreme court. massachusetts governor scott brown is not rely iing on the g to help him win his race, because he says that he is an independent voter and thinker, and i caught up with him in
9:32 am
tampa. >> i don't think about it much, because people know what i am doing and i will be that independent voter and thinker and second most bipartisan senator, and the difference between me and elizabeth warren, and people understand the differences and so i will stand on my own merits. >> he always referred to elizabeth warren as professor warren in the conversation several times. and brown will be returning to massachusetts today so warren can start campaigning against him he said. and now the pentagon is considering legal action against a ex-s.e.a.l. who wrote a book about the raid of bin laden. they said that you are in material breach of the nondisclosure agreementings that you signed. the book "no easy day" is to be
9:33 am
published and copies of the book are already circulating. iran has installed three cores of the centrifuges it needs to complete the nuclear site according to a report by the iaea, the white house is warning iran that the window the resolve this window diplomatically will not remain open forever. since february, iran has doubled the stockpile of enriched fuel. and iran however does not possess enough fuel to possess a nuclear weapon. well no, rest for the republican nominee. mitt romney hitting the road. less than 12 hours after officially accepting the party's nomination and spending general election money, he will travel to see hurricane isaac damage firsthand following a rally set in lakeland, florida n , in 30 minutes. pete alexander will be
9:34 am
traveling, and so, there is a new plane and tell me about the decision to go to new orleans. >> good question and we will focus on both of those. and looking at the new plane, we are having a chance to see the new plane of mitt romney and the running mate paul ryan there in the distance as they rally up the troops here in advance of what they are calling a farewell victory rally and it reads that the theme through the next two months, believe in america, and there is another one not too far away that paul ryan will be hopping on and the decision to go the louisiana and specifically the new orleans area, chuck, is one that the campaign had been considering over the last several days to try to find an appropriate time to do it. they say they were invited to go by governor bobby jindal, and they will go on the storm damage tour with him and thanking the first responders involved following hurricane isaac and visiting with the people who were victimized by the storm. it is a chance for mitt romney again to demonstrate his connectionb to people as he gets there rolling up the sleeves, and we will be in an area badly
9:35 am
affected by the storm. >> peter sh, i want to throw on more question at you having to do with clint eastwood. we have heard ann romney essentially voice some frustration, some of it was unspoken frustration that she voiced in maybe doing so with laughter rather than saying anything, and what are you hearing behind the scenes? >> well, it was almost as if to dilute any conversations that the news media may have, and last night my e-mail was blowing up with insiders of the campaign saying he is hitting it out of the park, referring to romney or a-plus-plus, and focusing on anything but clint eastwood, but within the campaign they wish they had those 13 to 15 minutes back and ann romney referred to and others agree and only disa appointed that the larger audience didn't get to hear the touching stories of people whose
9:36 am
lives were impacted by mitt romney and obviously a calculation that the campaign made at the last minute and concerns if they played the bio video that we watched in the hall, it may not be seen by the networks and right now they recognize it is a distraction, but their focus is going forward and steal back the spotlight today again when mitt romney heads to new orleans. >> all right. peter alexander, and busy day and get on the brand new plane and remember, a bunch of new general election money that mitt romney can now spend. peter alexander, thank you very much. and now, joining us will be the review of the unscripted moments of clint eastwood that made apparently the democrats' day, and a programming note for you on sunday. nbc's "meet the press" an exclusive interview with the man who started the president, as the president's chief of staff and now the mayor of chicago, rahm emanual. but first, the white house soup of the day. cajun gumbo. we will be back.
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in three ways. natural energy from green coffee extract, only from starbucks. it's been one year, two months and 29 days since mitt romney announced he was running for president, and again a good portion of the time has been spent defending his time at bain capital and last night he tried to spotlight his success at bain. >> that business we started with 10 people has now grown into a great american success story. some of the companies we helped start are names that you know and you have heard from tonight. an office company called staples where i'm pleased to see that the obama campaign has been shopping. >> bringing in the friday super panel, republican strategist liz sotti and editor and senior
9:41 am
editor from "the national review," and indiana public communications director pete sedoni and let me start with you, mitt romney and bain and let me play another clip what he said about the faith and two things he tackleded head on here. and here is governor romney and the faith. >> we started a new business called bain capital. the only problem was that while we believed in ourselves, not many other people did. in those days sometimes i wondered if i had made a really big mistake, and by the way i thought about asking my church's pension fund to invest, but i didn't. i figured it was bad enough that i might lose my investor's money, but i did want to go to hell, too. like a lot of families in a new place with no family, we found kinship with a wide circle of friends through our church. we had remarkably vibrant and diverse congregations from all walks of life and many who were
9:42 am
new to america. we prayed together. our kids played together. and we always stood ready to help each other out in different ways. that is how it is in america. >> how'd he do explaining bain and his faith, and two issues that a lot of back seat drivers say he has not talked enough about. >> well, what he started here was he was beaten up on bain earlier and struggling to connect with the voters and a lot of the republicans who know him say, i don't understand why he is so uncomfortable talk about his faith and his wealth, however, it is the core of who he is, and particular ly the faith when you talk to a nation of churchgoers, and it is the thing that defines who he is. set aside for a minute that people question what mormon and people are skeptical what mormonism is, but the general notion of faith and values defines who he is. and his work experience defines who he is, so in the effort to make him more personal and connect with the voters, i think that he did a good job of saying, i'm like you in that
9:43 am
sense. i value hard work and i value my faith. >> and for the people in the room and for the people who watched on only on c-span, the most powerful testimonials that were bain testimonials that were the olympian testimonials and the mormon testimonials and it was not close. they were nice. the mormon testimonials were powerful stuff. >> yes, it was. it was powerful introduction of people working with mitt in his early career and embracing him as a faith leader and civic leader and government man and nice introduction and the people inside of the hall loved it. mike eruzione from the olympics got a good cheer and a lot of folks that people have seen on the stage in different ways and places testifying to the true character of mitt romney, and by any measure that the lead-up was a success, the governor gave a great speech last night. >> i want to talk about the speech, itself, and the general impressions, a for mitt romney as one person told me or an, h?
9:44 am
>> well, it was an a for mitt romney and it won't go in any anthologies for political rhetor rhetoric, but good enough and it seems to me that this is the good enough campaign. it was not good enough to put away the primaries early, but it was good enough to win, and i think that may end up being the story of the race. >> and pete, i have heard it from others and watched, but it seems as if they have, the romney campaign does enough to make sure that they've got enough to potentially win the race, but they come up short to seize the campaign or seize the narrative. >> well, last night they did what they wanted to accomplish which is to talk to folks who like barack obama personally, but don't like the job as president, and try the close the gender gap and point out all of the elected officials and the females that mitt romney has had on board with him, and that he had when he was governor of massachusetts. we see it in indiana, and
9:45 am
getting the war on women charge, but the lieutenant governor is a woman and the secretary of state is a woman and on down the line. so what they needed to accomplish last night, they did and hopefully that will carry some momentum over the last couple of weeks. >> liz, i was struck by i felt almost direct references to the gender gap problem in the speech. >> well, not just the speech, but throughout the entire week. he knows that it is a tight race and they have to win at the margin, and that means narrowing the gap that or the advantage that obama has with women and it means speaking to the disaffected obama voters from 2008 and also means speaking to white voters and trying to boost his advantage on that front as well. i think that you saw all of that this week. >> i had one republican tell me that they thought that the gender gap is really the single most important problem that the romney campaign has to deal with. >> they have to do well there and no question. the good news is that we have a lot of stars in the republican party to choose from, and we
9:46 am
have a deep bench right now and highlighting the bench is a natural and also happens that a lot of them are high female surrogates carrying a message that is important for us to win and obviously hispanics are another demographic that we can do well with a strong moral basis, and the viewers saw one big plane and another tactical thing is that we have a lot of money and we can go with it to compare to barack obama and ideally a clear choice election with the divisions and hopefully that will be the key to his success. >> before we get to the unforgiven elephant in the room and we will talk about that, but i want to talk about the convention as a whole. how did the romney campaign do in putting on this campaign, ramesh? >> well, it was good enough. a lot of flat moments, i thought, and most than some
9:47 am
conventions i have been to, but they -- >> why do you feel like flat moments? what is the theory of why there is? i have one, but what is yours? >> i don't have a theory, but what is yours? >> mine has to do with us in the media, because they are so afraid that everything is so choreographed and so nervous about any unscripted moment that now it is scripted that now even the delegates realize it and respond that way. >> and hence you get the familiar complaint at every convention that is more boring than the one before and why do they do this? >> and pete, what do you say about the convention? >> well, you say that, but rubio gave a great speech and chris christie did, and romney and susan martinez, and all of the delegates loved the convention and don't forget that we had to cancel a day because of a tropical storm and it was still pulled out rather flawlessly. >> and the convention reflected mitt romney, right? he has been trying to sell himself as a turn&speciaround specialist and a person who can
9:48 am
pivot on a dime when there is a con tin ji plans made, and you walked in and there was a hurricane and they pivoted and they put off a good convention. next week, we will see how the stage craft and the expertise of the white house is going to really be behind the president, and that's going to show a difference there, i think. >> and we have to carry it forward so we will take a break and then we will talk about that chair. trivia time. we asked since 1948 how many winning republican presidential candidates lost the state in which their conventions were held? it is one. george w. bush lost pennsylvania in 2000 when the convention was held in philadelphia and lost new york in 2004 when the rnc was in new york city. do you have a political trivia question that you think that you should, we should have on the show, e-mail us at, and we are only talking about candidates and not sitting presidents, so that is why it is
9:49 am
one. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air.
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like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing startworking faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air.
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let's bring back the panel. all right. clint eastwood. everybody has an opinion including, of course, ann romney. and i got to play it again because, again, the words of what ann romney said when you read them do not do the justice. you have to watch her reaction. here she is. >> do you wish that video had aired in prime time instead of clint eastwood's monologue? >> you know, i think it's important that people do see that side of mitt. we appreciated clint's support, of course, but yes, i do wish more people had seen -- had seen those touching moments.
9:53 am
>> well, that was the first part of the question, of course, we played earlier the second part. obviously ann romney didn't think the clint eastwood thing went that well. what do you think? >> i'll add perspective on conversation. "space cowboys" was much worse than what clint eastwood said last night. voters won't remember it. voters will remember that clint eastwood was there, but they won't remember how completely awkward it was. >> however, it is the first thing you saw when an additional 15 to 20 million people tuned in at that 10:00 hour on the broadcast network. so it did set the tone for the evening. >> the worst thing about eastwood's performance which was a dramatic performance -- i was on the edge of my seat. >> we were. he had us all in. >> the worst thing about it was
9:54 am
exactly the issue that ann romney was talking about, that you could have had those testimonials, those really affecting personal stories about things romney has done in that timeslot. >> this goes to 90% of this convention i thought was really well choreographed, when the speakers were, then a couple of decisions in prime time that you know they wish they had back. one, of course, would be swapping christie and ann romney and the second would be obviously eastwood. those aren't small things, by the way. >> on the first one, you're dealing, as pete mentioned earlier, with a situation that you couldn't control. >> you could have had that at 10:00. >> you're dealing with realtime and making decisions. i don't think there's any big issue there. as to eastwood, i kind of agree with pete on that. i think maybe we're overanalyzing it. it will be interesting to see how it plays in middle america. the reality is this convention
9:55 am
did what it needed to do. there's a nice bounce in polls now. if we get out of here with a good solid bounce, i think people will remember that eastwood spoke. >> it has comedic legs. >> anything that distracts from coming out of the convention focused entirely on mitt romney is not a good day for mitt romney. at the same time it shows the disconnect between hollywood and washington. washington politicos were saying is this really happening in a political convention. hollywood people on their tweets were saying this is typical, kind of kookie clint eastwood. a bigger disconnect. >> i just want to watch the eastwood video again and again. >> behind this a lot hoosiers made the convention happen. kudos to them. >> shameless plug. getting my voice back, seeing my
9:56 am
girls in the google youtube party last night. >> the ap rocks the convention. we'll rock it again in d.c. or in charlotte, where are we going? >> that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." we'll be back with a two-hour special on monday 8:00 a.m., an hour earlier, live from charlotte to kick off the democratic national convention. why do one hour when you can do two? so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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